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"What's Your Favorite Color?"

Opening Saturday March 9th from 4-7pm at Tone Gallery:

2234 Lamar Ave Memphis, TN 38114

"What’s Your Favorite Color?" is an exhibition centered on representation and the reclamation of identity, community, and culture. The title is drawn from the local hit single, "Favorite Color" by Memphis, TN natives Da Volunteers & 8Ball, which celebrates Orange Mound, the first Black community built for and by Black People.

Color communicates community identity, pride, and more. We have tasked participating artists to employ monochromatic color schemes. This approach allows the artists to showcase how a single color can evoke a plethora of emothions and meanings while emphasizing the importance of togetherness and unity.

"What's Your Favorite Medium?"

a creative development workshop featuring
painting, figure drawing, ceramics, and collage art

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