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Saturday October 28th, 2023

Leading up to Halloween 2023, TONE held our annual Black October event. We collaborated with Indie Memphis to screen the cult classic B.A.P.s and encouraged everyone to dress for the movie like the main characters. Halle Berry even gave us a shoutout on Twitter! On Saturday October 28th, Black October popped off! the Orange Mound Tower transformed into a beacon of ghoulish activities and Transylvania natives. Our theme was “Vampires in Memphis," and that Saturday, the Memphis community showed up in their best costumes! With the creative style of local DJ’s like Nico & Qemist combined with emcees Sue Casso & Phatmak Pharaoh, we welcomed even more Memphis artists like Hitkidd, Duke Deuce, and Supa Glock. We also had food trucks like Got Munchies 901 and even a twerk contest! The refreshments were on theme and provided by Applesauce Bartending. All in all, we had a great night, and are looking forward to this year’s Black October!

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