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April 2nd - May 28th
2234 lamar ave
Alexandria Bell, Eso Tolson, MadameFraankie, Nadifah, Sarai Payne, Kiara Sally, Em Norman, Ziggy, Zahria Cook, Felicia Wheeler, Jasmine Smith, Latefy, Kylon Wagner, Richard Jamal Echols, Aaron Turner

"Spectrum". Spectrum is centered around exploring the various relationships black folks have with the gender binary or lack thereof and the experiences that lie within or without those constructs. The exhibition runs from April 2nd to May 14th, 2022 with various programming throughout the six weeks and will take place within our Mitchell Gallery.

This show is an expansion and honestly a deconstruction of our past recurring exhibitions titled "Fiber" and "Thug", two shows that portrayed the various experiences of  black women and men in contrast to how they are assumed to exist. "Spectrum" aims to hold space for these experiences as well as open the floor to the multiplicity of human expressions across the diaspora and time, something which our Indigenous African ancestors understood and honored before colonization.

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2234 Lamar Ave.
Memphis, TN 38114
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