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Check out photos, videos, and info from current and past Tone exhibitions.
Hours: Thursday - Sunday (4pm - 8pm)
Itutu: Diddy ain't invent the remix
Aug 6th - Oct 15th
Regina Agu, Abdi Farah, Jean-Marcel Saint-Jacques, Oski Awoyo, Amanda Adams, Ifátùmínínú Bamgbàlà Arẹ̀sà, Big Chief Romeo Bougere, Libby Bowman, Every Nigga Deserves, Carlos Martiel, Brittney Boyd Bullock, and Tangela “Pussi Dusse” Mathis.
Tales By Moonlight
July 23
Nic Aziz, Jessica Gatlin, Denzel Sterling Porter, Anthony George II, Shorin Nicholas, Sharon Norwood, Aimee Everett, Tangela X Pussi Dusse, Amanzi Arnett, and Grae Williams
Sculptures & Small Objects
May 28th - July 9th
Funlola Coker, Shanna Strauss, Trap, Olajide Ibitoye, Tiff Massey, Desmond Lewis, Lester Julian Merriweather, Anthony George II, Cameron Clayborn
May 7th - July 16th
Natalie Rose Eddings, Kellie Romany, Jarvis Boyland, Jaleeca Yancy, Nubia Yasin, Shikeith, Dawn Celeste Ross, Latee Dolley, Amina Ross, Daija Guy, and Jory Drew, Elliot Jerome Brown Jr.
April 2nd - May 28th
Alexandria Bell, Eso Tolson, MadameFraankie, Nadifah, Sarai Payne, Kiara Sally, Em Norman, Ziggy, Zahria Cook, Felicia Wheeler, Jasmine Smith, Latefy, Kylon Wagner, Richard Jamal Echols, Aaron Turner
You Can Dance Underwater and Not Get Wet
FEB 5 - APR 16
Kevin Brisco Jr.
Ecce Homo
FEB 5 - MAR 19
Living In a Burning House
Sept 4th - Oct 16th
Le Marquee la Flora, Carl E. Moore, Coriana Close, Lester Merriweather
On The Road: Chocolate Cities
July 10th - Sept 18th
Adrienne Elise Tarver, Amani Lewis, Amber Ahmad, Ashante Kindle, Ashley Teamer, Brandon J. Donahue, Brittney Boyd Bullock, D’Angelo Lovell Williams, Felandus Thames, Frank Stewart, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Jonathan Payne, Kevin Brisco, Lawrence Matthews, Lester Merriweather, MadameFraankie, TJ Dedeaux- Norris, and Ufuoma Essi
Vitus Shell :A Little Ratchet
July 10th - Aug 21st
Vitus Shell
JAN - FEB 2020
Multi-artist exhibition
JAN - FEB 2020
Amber George & Nubia Yasin
2234 Lamar Ave.
Memphis, TN 38114

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