When the seeds of The CLTV were first planted in 2014, we were already standing on the shoulders of Black creatives who had formed and shaped the culture of Memphis for decades. The food, the music, the art, the language, the vibes — the things people love about our city — was all created by Black artists and storytellers.

As a community, we felt the deep need to foster that magic and create ways to amplify it. To amplify you and your talent and your story so everyone understands the power of this place and its people.  

But after more than five years of building as The CLTV, we were forced to stop. We had to resist, we had to fight, we had to scream, we had to isolate, and we had to breathe the best we could. But we knew we couldn’t give up. We knew we had to reset, and come out swinging.

Today, we reemerge as Tone. An evolved identity to grow an evolved vision for our people and our city. A vision of Memphis realizing and owning its undeniable ability to be a cultural beacon.

To do this, we need you. We’ve always needed you. The front porch poets and bedroom beat makers. The home cooks and the pro photographers. The artists and dancers and storytellers. We need you to share, to participate, and to tell us when we mess up (because we will). We need you to be a part of this community.

We have so much more to share with you soon, including our full strategic plan, upcoming events, and some big, big news. Sign up for emails and follow us on Insta to get all the latest.

We can’t wait to keep building with you.

Victoria Jones

Executive Director | Tone

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