Article from Choose901, Written by Shelby Smith

I pulled up to the Juneteenth Family Reunion on June 19th, 2021, and before I even got out of the car, I knew history was being made.

Now before I speak to the experience, lemme give y’all a little background on the folks who brought this Black

Tone, formerly known as The CLTV, is a local nonprofit organization that uses art to center Black culture. “What does that mean,” you ask? It means giving Black Memphis its flowers for setting the “tone” that’s characterized our city for over two centuries.

They host exhibitions, readings, and roundtable discussions. They provide a platform that synergizes Black excellence across the nation, and act as an alarm—waking people up to see Memphis as the cultural beacon that it is.

And then there’s Unapologetic.

This crew, made up of visual artists, musicians, clothing designers, event coordinators, and strategists, is known for drawing people in—from the productions they put on as a team to the creative prowess that each member exudes. Maybe that’s because everything they do, they do while being unapologetically themselves. They are bold. They are daring. They use their voices, sounds, visuals, and designs to disrupt the framework of commonality.

These two organizations have commingled their moves in the past—but their most recent partnership to procure the former United Equipment Building is a big move for Black business.

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