"The Folklore," will be a night of storytelling through performance (singing, poetry, and oral storytelling) furthering our connection to our ancestors. Oral storytelling has been a staple in the culture and history of Black folks in America. Storytelling has been a go-to method of comfort for us for many years. Whether it was sharing stories about the rich and royal blood running through our veins, singing to the skies with the belief that someday we would all be free, or passing down stories about the time Great Uncle Louis was 2 hours late to his second wedding. We’ve always used words to connect with, encourage, and uplift one another. The Folklore will be a night to pass down the songs and stories told to us by those who are no longer with us, and those who are still here to this day. A night to continue the passing down of stories and recipes that have made us who we are."

Four Scenes of Black Convening Spaces

  • Church (Spirituality & Magic)
  • Living Room (Manifestation)
  • Dining Room (Communal Ancestral Shrine, History Lesson)
  • Front Porch Sunset/Moonlight (Reflection, Decompression, Meditation)

Usher/Narrator: Francis

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2234 Lamar Ave.
Memphis, TN 38114

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